How To Make Blisters And Sweaty Feet Disappear

Very little is worse than a perfect sunny day disrupted by an escalating searing pain in your shoe. You’re still out in the middle of your outdoor activity; sightseeing in an exciting new city, hiking up a steep nature trail or taking a long leisurely stroll with your family. You can’t just go home! So what do you do now?

You pull off your tight synthetic shoe and peel off your cotton sock to survey the damage. There’s a small bubble of fluid on your second toe and a flap of skin hanging limply at the base of a red, circular open wound on your heel. Another fallen blister soldier.

What Are Blisters?

Blisters are sacs of fluid that form to protect the skin when the upper layers are damaged. They often occur in places like the heel, toes, sole, and ball of the foot. They’re uncomfortable, and can become painful with continued friction. A punctured blister can leave raw skin exposed, and vulnerable to infection. 

Why do I always get them, and how can I stop it?


You may not be wearing the right shoes. Shoes that are too tight or too loose, and a cramped toe box, are notorious for causing blisters. Shoes that don't fit well can rub, pinch, and irritate the skin with every agonizing step. Toes rubbing against the sides or front of a tight shoe can even damage your toenails. 

Invest in a pair of comfortable, well-fitting shoes. There should be a finger-width space between your toes and the end of the shoe. You need this room because your feet expand throughout the day and during exercise. Particularly wide feet benefit from wide fit shoes.


Wet shoes increase friction, so damp feet are more prone to blisters. Rain and sweat are the enemies of happy feet. You can't do much about storms and puddles, but sweat is another story.

Do your best to keep your feet dry. If you suffer from sweaty feet, wear breathable shoes and special socks designed to wick away moisture. Antiperspirant or talcum powder can also be applied. Opt for leather or canvas shoes, and get a second pair so you can alternate every day and keep them dry. 


The type of socks you wear can make a world of difference. Cotton socks exacerbate the problem by holding moisture against your feet. Sweat-soaked cotton socks soften the skin and make it easier to break and blister. Synthetic socks are better at keeping sweaty feet dry.

Look for CoolMax or other synthetic fabrics made for controlling moisture and reducing friction. Wearing two, thicker, or double-layer socks provides extra padding that’s helpful if you’re doing a lot of walking or exercising. Cheap socks will do you no favors, so allow yourself to splurge in this area.


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