Men's Dress Shoe Color Guide: Learn What Color Shoe To Wear With What Color Pants

When it comes to dressing to impress, men face numerous challenges that can make the task daunting. From navigating the pressure to look good in formal settings to keeping up with constantly changing fashion trends, the rules of men's fashion can be overwhelming. 

Unlike women's clothing, men's clothing tends to be less forgiving, requiring careful attention to fit and style. Nevertheless, investing time and effort in dressing well is crucial for men, as it can have a great impact on their personal and professional lives. Despite the difficulties, men who strive to project confidence and professionalism through their clothing choices will reap the rewards of their efforts.

At GatsbyShoes, our goal is to provide you with high-quality dress shoes in a variety of styles and colors so that you always look your best. To help simplify the process of selecting dress shoes, we’re bringing you this comprehensive Men's Dress Shoe Color Guide. 

Here, you’ll find tips on how to choose the right shoe color for any given outfit. While making sure that your footwear stays fashionable and appropriate for every occasion. 

Making the Right Choice: How to Select Dress Shoes by Color 

Choosing dress shoes isn’t just about finding the right style; it’s also about finding the right color. Here are some simple guidelines you can use when choosing your next pair of dress shoes: 

Match Your Shoes to Your Pants

Men's Dress Pants Hanging in Closet

When deciding on a shoe color, start by looking at what type of pants you’re wearing and match them as closely as possible. For instance, if you’re wearing navy pants, choose navy or dark brown shoes; if you’re wearing black pants, go with black whenever possible; and if you’re wearing grey trousers or slacks, opt for either grey, blue, brown, or black footwear. 

Lighten Up

If you want to add a bit more diversity to your wardrobe without sacrificing professionalism, consider going with a lighter hue, such as tan or beige, for your dress shoes. These shades work well with most pant colors and offer an attractive contrast without becoming too loud or distracting from your overall look. 

Accentuate With Accessories

Once you have selected your dress shoe color based on what kind of pants you’re wearing, don't forget about adding accessories! A brightly colored pocket square in a matching shade is an excellent way to draw attention away from the rest of your outfit and focus on one particular aspect—your stylish footwear! 

You can even get creative and use two different but complementary hues for both accessories—just make sure they don't clash too much in order to avoid appearing busy or gaudy. 

Colorful socks are another great option for accentuating your look without taking away from its overall aesthetic appeal. You should however have a good supply of breathable black dress socks or other neutral colors for everyday wear.

Mens Black Dress Socks

Tips & Tricks: Making Sure Your Footwear Is Always On Point 

No matter what type of outfit you're putting together—whether it's business casual attire or formal wear—you'll want to ensure that all components work together in harmony while maintaining an enviable level of elegance and refinement. As far as dress shoes go, there are several tactics to achieve this: 

Stick With Classics

This type of style tends to remain timeless despite changing trends season after season, so investing in classic shapes and styles will keep them looking fresh year after year, no matter what hues are currently popular within fashion circles.

Consider Your Surroundings

Pay attention to details such as where the event is being held (e.g., outdoors versus indoors) as well as its overall formality level before selecting any particular shoe style/color combination so that everything comes together perfectly no matter where it is worn!

Group of men and women at a fancy party talking and smiling

Remember Your Colors

Many people simply choose the dress shoe that feels most comfortable to them. For instance, they might go with a brown shoe even if black would have been a better match for their pants. At Gatsby Shoes, however, you don't have to compromise on either comfort or style. We offer fantastic options in brown, blue, and black, ensuring that you always have a comfortable shoe to wear, no matter what color pants you choose!

Look Stylish Each & Every Time Out

No matter what kind of situation arises, from formal affairs like weddings to everyday office situations, it's crucial for you to present yourself in a way that earns you respect. This is especially true when it comes to clothing choices! Fortunately, following a few simple tips we've outlined can make things easier for you. Whether there's an upcoming event or not, these tips will help ensure that you look sharp each time out, projecting confidence and professionalism in any situation.

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