Woo Your Boo With The Perfect Shoes!

Wallets, Perfumes, glasses… we’ve all been through this list countless times!

You want to get him something that’s as special as he is. THAT is precisely why gifting a Gatsby is your best bet. Why? 

Gatsby's leather shoes end feet discomfort with a feeling better than sneakers. And they come in three different colors with sizes all the way up to 17.


1. Crafted for Comfort by Professional Shoemakers

Nothing says “I care about you” more than a pair of comfortable shoes that gives him the feeling of walking on clouds. Our insole is designed to act as a cushion to support his feet. Gatsby’s footwear range is highly flexible and is guaranteed to accommodate all his movements.

Walk a Mile with a Smile

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"These were one of my husbands birthday gifts. He enjoys them a lot because of how comfortable they are and how well they fit him."
- Sally.


2. Timeless Durability

It’s no secret that NOTHING makes you feel more like a man than leather! Our footwear range is handmade from the finest leather available on the market. That, combined with our superior craftsmanship makes for a sturdy shoe.

They won't deform. They won't disappoint.

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"Bought for my boyfriend he wears 43, arrived fast and great quality. Thanks Gatsby."
- Courtney V.

3. Styled for Success 

Unlike your average dress shoes, Gatsby’s shoes incorporate the vintage leather shoe aesthetic and marry it to ease needed for the fast paced life we live today. When you gift him a Gatsby, you gift him the best of both worlds.

Make Sure He Puts His Best Foot Forward!

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"To all the women scouring the internet & stores for the perfect pair of shoes for the lucky man in your life. LOOK NO FURTHER! I've always struggled finding a decent pair of shoes especially online for my husband. He sports only the nicest brands, best quality... the type to spend no less than $100 on a good pair of dress shoes. I purchased these as a birthday gift, & oh man did these get some hype! So many compliments, very comfortable, very stylish & an AMAZIN price. It's been about 6 months & so far so good."
-Alexandra G.

It’s Not Bragging If You Can Back It Up!

This is what Rosalind had to say about her gift giving journey with Gatsby.

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“My husband loves these shoes. They are exactly as shown on the website. I would buy it again and refer to other people.”

A Gift For You!

We want to be a part of your celebration, that’s why we’ll cover half the price!

He can enjoy the shoes while you enjoy the savings.

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