How To End Foot Pain And Enjoy Life Again

We’ve all had this experience at the shoe store: You scan the shelves for a box labeled your size. Yup, there it is. Or maybe it’s a half or full size too big/small, but you figure it’s worth a try because you really like these shoes. They’re on sale and fit your style. You try them on. They seem to fit, sure enough. A week later, your feet look battle-worn.

I thought foot pain is a normal part of life. Shoes are more or less the same, blisters are sometimes inevitable, and bleeding heels are a sign that I got enough exercise. But you aren’t meant to cram your feet into shoes that feel like torture devices after a few hours!

Are you wearing the right shoes? Your shoe size may not be the same as it was when you were younger, because your feet change as you age. They also swell throughout the day, so shoes that fit snugly at the store are agonizing by the end of the day. Conditions like diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, obesity, and even pregnancy can cause foot swelling.

It’s important to wear shoes that are the correct size and fit, as improper shoes can lead to numerous health concerns.

If your footwear is long enough, but squeezing the sides of your feet, you need to wear wider shoes.

Here are 5 ways Wide Fit shoes can help:


feet pain

Of course you're going to have sore feet if they're compressed all day, especially in the front half. A toe box that's too narrow squeezes your toes together. Feet confined in a tight space can't flex and bend properly. Tight shoes can also compromise circulation and put pressure on the metatarsophalangeal joint. All things you can (and should) avoid with shoes that fit well.


back pain

As previously touched on, feet that are restricted from natural movements in suffocating shoes affect the way connected body parts function. So it’s no surprise that foot problems can have a domino effect all the way up to the spine. If you haven’t found the source of your back pain, check your shoes.


foot pain

Tight and narrow shoes pinch and rub against your feet. That friction can cause blisters, corns, and calluses. These common and painful foot conditions are easily preventable by wearing proper footwear.


Bunions are a deformity that forms at the base of the big toe, often as a result of narrow shoes squeezing the toes together. Some people are more prone to bunions, so if they run in your family, you should be extra cautious. If you already have bunions, tight shoes can make the problem worse.


Hammertoes are a painful condition caused by constant pressure on the toes. This can cause the toe joints to bend in all but the big toe. Studies show that inappropriate footwear significantly increases the risk of developing hammertoes. Again, pointed, narrow, tight shoes are big-time culprits.

What’s the solution?

Invest in a pair of comfortable, well-made shoes with a good selection of sizes and widths.

Gatsby Shoes Offer A Perfect Fit For Pain-Free Living

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