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Men’s dress shoes are often lacking, but not in looks, in comfort. Comfort often takes a back seat for looks, but does it really have to? It is shocking, but these shoes absolutely changed my life. Something so simple as a shoe has a massive effect on your day to day! I used to leave my job with sore, aching feet. After discovering these dress shoes I have never looked back. You wouldn’t think there would be such a drastic difference, but let’s look at the reasons behind it.

Before we get to shopping, we want you to know why you want to get orthopedic shoes. Orthopedics is a big medical word that relates to feet, and actually roughly translates to “correct foot”. Now, this is a good thing because it means these shoes are designed for healthy feet, but it doesn’t call to mind sharp, classy dress shoes does it? Research shows that there is a 75% chance people uncomfortable with their shoes have too small of shoes. This is a big problem, but thanks to our modern society, orthopedic shoes come in all forms now. This includes dress shoes. This means that no matter what you can be comfortable without sacrificing on looks!

Doctor Recommended Dress Shoes

If you are looking for the best podiatrist recommended men's dress shoes then you are probably someone who struggles to get through the work day without a considerable amount of foot pain. Some common causes that lead to increased foot pain are achilles tendonitis, sprains, fractures, plantar fasciitis, and even a mild strain can lead to greater problems later. These shoes are recommended by doctors because it really is the best thing you can easily do for your foot health. Wearing shoes designed to support your feet keeps you feeling good and ready to take on the day. Anything you can do for your health pays off in the long run.

What is considered an orthopedic shoe?

Orthopedic shoes have technology built into them that are super supportive and comfortable to wear. These styles of shoes are also made to help you walk more naturally. Uncomfortable shoes can force bad habits on you without you even knowing it is happening. This is because they aren’t made to be well fitting and supportive. Orthopedic shoes provide exactly what you need to be walking naturally and healthily. You don’t have to compromise on fashion to be comfortable, and they can help reduce that end of the day throbbing pain you get in your feet!

Pain Reducing Shoes

Do you have lower back pain? A gentle throbbing that just doesn’t seem to go away? Bad fitting shoes can cause that along with several other pain issues. You can prevent these issues from becoming bad enough to require surgery or doctor visits by wearing proper fitting shoes before these become a reality. An improperly fitting shoe can be the source of many issues! Do you come home with sore feet and just want to lay down on the couch? You can likely benefit from wearing properly fitted shoes.

Things like high arches need support that most shoes simply don’t offer. Heel pain can be from bad shoes and long times standing on hard unforgiving surfaces like tile, concrete, or wood. The ideal surface is soft, like sand or dirt because it gives and forms to our feet. Sadly our offices aren’t on the beach! Luckily we can get fitted shoes that promote foot health and do wonders for our feet.

Infographic showing the difference between flat feet, hollow feet, and normal feet

Fitting Your Shoes to You

How to measure your feet

The first step to getting a comfortable pair of shoes is to measure your feet. It is simple, but very important! It is very easy to do, all you need is a tape measure or ruler. Step onto the ruler and fully rest your foot on it. Line up the start of the ruler with your big toe and take note of where your heel is resting. Then take a measurement just behind your toes to get the width of your foot. Do the same for your other foot and now you have your measurements and are ready to shop!

Woman measuring a mans foot

What To Look For

You are looking for shoes that are designed to be comfortable. They often mention orthopedics and comfort in the description making it easy to find. Research the shoes to see what other people are saying about them, but ultimately it is up to you on if they are the ones for you or not! Socks and inserts can make a huge difference in the quality difference you feel because everyone is unique with their feet. You will have to try some new things to find the absolutely perfect fit. Quality socks are definitely worth spending more on! They can help just as much as a good fitting shoe, or make a good fitting shoe even better. If you ever have issues with shoes rubbing on your feet, the right socks can eliminate that! Now that you have an idea of what to look for, you are ready to get your pair!

Dress socks for men

Shopping for Shoes

Now that you have your measurements, it is time to find your pair! Reference the company size charts to see what matches up the best to you. Shoe sizes aren’t standard, so you may be getting a different size than normal. Trust the measurements and your feet will thank you for getting them into some comfortable shoes. Shop our collections* to find the right shoe for you! Comfort and looks go together now, so you aren’t stuck picking between one or the other. Once you find your pair you will never look back.

Dress Shoe Options

The Benefits Are Endless

Orthopedic dress shoes can genuinely change your life by preventing health issues and making you comfortable every day. You have to be on your feet, so you might as well be comfortable and stylish every second of it. What would you rather, foot pain or being comfortable and ready to take on the day? Check out our shoes to find the perfect fit for you today!

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