Men's Slip Resistant Dress Shoes

Never Get Caught Slipping Again

Picture this, you are walking in to an important work meeting. An intern accidentally spilled some water onto the tile floor. You step in just the wrong way and suddenly you are flying towards the ground. Your world comes to a freeze, but your thoughts race. Your boss is there, and several prospective clients. You have a big pitch but you are about to be sent spiraling out of control into the floor. Now imagine that actually happening to you, because it has to me!

That is what happens when you wear old, worn out shoes. The sole had started to look like a bald car tire! I was set in my ways and busy so I kept going with them. They looked fine and I try to stick with what I know. After that experience I knew I had to do something different. Luckily I found out they make men’s slip resistant dress shoes that actually look good. I haven’t looked back since!  My office environment requires me to look my best so I can't wear sneakers. While these shoes feel like sneakers no one takes a second glance because they look like normal dress shoes. Actually they do take a second glance and ask me where I got my dress shoes because they love the way they look.

non slip dress shoe sole

Versatility of Non-Slip Dress Shoes

These shoes are great anywhere. After work, out and about they go with most business casual or business outfits so you never get an embarrassing moment in public. Walking on wet surfaces, like when they mop at your favorite coffee shop and the floor becomes an ice skating rink. Or after it rained on smooth concrete are always a good source of embarrassing public tumbles. With these shoes though you don’t lose grip! Working in some higher end restaurants during college I wish I had known about these shoes. They fit the dress requirements of a more professional kitchen while meeting the safety requirement. A kitchen is full of all kinds of slip hazards so these would have been a dream. Now slip resistance of my shoes is something I had paid very little attention to before. I bet if you went and looked at your current shoes at least one pair would have some questionable tread on the soles! That pair you love and have had forever may betray you one day when a slippery surface meets your path.

Fashionable Dress Shoes With Good Tread

Slip resistance and fashionable aren’t really best friends in my mind, so I was surprised to find these. They look like a sporty modern dress shoe, which is great for many office environments. You can blend right in while getting the comfort of a more athletic shoe. I know that some dress shoes I’ve worn absolutely kill my feet. That is a whole other discussion, and there is already an article for it linked at the bottom of this one! These dress shoes combine all these great factors to make one amazing shoe. The benefits are you look great in the office, avoid any unnecessary embarrassing slips, and you wont have painful feet at the end of the day. I throw them on and get right to business every morning now.

no slip shoe design

Amazing Value

Maybe one of the best aspects is the affordability of these shoes. You aren’t breaking the bank with a 687 dollar shoe bill. These can be had for right at $130 dollars and are worth every single penny, honestly even more. You can catch them on sale too, but even not on sale the value is there with the looks, utility and function of these shoes! With proper care you can wear them for years on end. The return on investment into good shoes is always there, and these are a clear winner.

brown dress shoes with great tread

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Slip resistance men’s shoes don’t have to be ugly, they can be sporty and functional while remaining classy. These shoes will take you anywhere you want to go with assurance you will not end up on the ground from a little bit of water and a wrong step. If you are needing another pair of dress shoes that are sporty and comfortable your search is over.

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